Is there a set-up fee?
Yes, there is : £200 you can pay as soon as you want to go ahead with our service or pay later after you start using our service.

We do all the work configuring the system for your business and setting up your menu, leaving you the time to run your business.

How do I receive orders? There are 4 different ways of receiving orders – GPRS/SMS order printer, e-mail, Laptop, PC, Mobile & Tablet.

Do I need broadband at my store? Yes. If you want to use an order printer or your existing POS integration. Your broadband must have WIFI connectivity.
but you don’t need internet connection for if you have requested for the GPRS remote printer we provide.

What hardware is required at store? We can provide a high speed thermal Remote printer with order alert device. The order printer  or a windows touchscreen PC with connected printer.

Are there any extra fees for POS Integration? No. There is no additional fee if your POS/Computer configured with internet connection and it has browser to get access to our website dashboard,
for the setup for POS  integration Contact  info@orderingwebsite.com  for more details.                     

Can I offer Credit Card Processing? Yes. You can accept Credit & Debit Card payments using our standard integrated payment gateway partner Stripe 

It is possible to integrate with other payment gateways but a development charge will be incurred – a quotation will be provided subject to interface requirements. The Customer will need to setup their own e-commerce Merchant Account that can be linked to the Secure payment gateway, if you need help please contact us.

Is there is any transaction fees for card payments? Yes. there is a very small charge as for European cards 1.4% + 20p,
for non-European cards 2.9% + 20p per all credit/debit card transaction which is handled by our partner payment solution Stripe.com.

How can I track my payments and how to give refund to my customers ? With the Stripe dashboard mobile app, you can securely log in to your Stripe account and manage your payments on the go even you can give refund to your customer.

Do you charge Commission? No we don’t charge commission, You can receive unlimited orders for a fixed monthly price. there is a charge of 50p per order to send SMS order confirmation and order status update to your customers e.g  

  • your order is has been accepted
  • Your order is ready to collect
  • your order is on its way
  • your order is delivered enjoy your meal & please leave us review on google 
SMS you can send from your restaurant admin dashboard with a single click, this 50p will be paid by your customer when they place the order online you just have to forward the 50p to us end of the month.
How will I get my funds? for how long do you hold on to my money? Your funds will go to your bank account directly from Stripe Account, we don’t deal with your funds as its not our money, its your customers your money too.

Which payment methods for the monthly fee do you accept from restaurant owners?
All payments are taken via debit/credit card which can be setup online. please contact us if you have any outstanding invoice to pay

Do you offer training and support?
Yes. The monthly fee includes unlimited support and training, to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the system.

Can  cancel at anytime? Yes. You are NOT tied into a minimum contract period. You can view our terms and conditions of service by clicking here 

Do you offer any discount plans? Yes. We offer discounts if you have multiple stores. Please contact  info@orderingwebsite.com for more details.

Do I need my own web hosting? No. All OrderingWebsite plans include secure, unlimited hosting for your online store. We use the best servers and networks to ensure your online ordering is reliable and fast. if still want your developer to handle your website we can give the code for embedding the ordering system menu in your existing website .

Do I have access to my customer data? Yes. You own your customer data and can export your customer data at any time.

Are there restrictions with the branding of online stores? As standard, the branding is restricted to footer image when we create your website, you can remove it if the ordering system is embedded in your existing website.

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